10 Mysteries Of The Jedi Order We’ll Likely Never Figure Out


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10 Mysteries Of The Jedi Order We’ll Likely Never Figure Out

Though there is so much content within the Star Wars universe and franchise about the Jedi, fans still seem to only know the surface information about the mystical Order the movies, TV shows, comics, and books all focus on. When it all comes down to it, fans only know a small piece of the Jedi Order history, their fall, and then the last remaining hopes between Luke Skywalker and Rey.

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With The High Republic slowly releasing, fans are sure to learn a lot more about the Order from an older time period that doesn’t relate to Anakin, the Clone Wars, or any of the Jedi fans know (save for Yoda). While it can be assumed more knowledge about the mysterious beings will be revealed, there are a few things that fans will likely never know.

10 The World Between Worlds

World Between Worlds Star Wars

The world between worlds that was introduced in Star Wars Rebels was one of the coolest additions to the force that fans had seen in a very long time. It proves that the force and the Jedi aren’t just tools to move rocks around or pull lightsabers with. It is so, so much more. It is mystical and magical and this greater dimension of the force was a deeply moving way to connect all that binds them.

There are even theories that Rey tapped into this when she heard the voices of the Jedi before her and more theories that suggest that Ben Solo may have gone there. However, though this world is so interesting, it is likely fans won’t be learning too much more about how it works or why it exists.

9 Why Such Strict Rules?

In 32 BBY, the Jedi were extremely strict about the Jedi Code and were very adamant to have it be followed. No attachments, no passion, stay clear-minded. All of these rules are things that directly contradict with being human. To break these ideas, even to consider it, is to be human. It seems like these rules were placed there to avoid conflict or extremes.

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Don’t depend on attachments and don’t be overly passionate, because that leads to the dark side, and then it seems like maybe something happened and it was all taken too literal. But this is flawed, as the Jedi Code is the biggest reason Anakin was pushed to the dark side.

8 Connection To The Republic

Palpatine turns the Republic into the Empire

The Jedi originally was meant to be the keepers of peace. They weren’t to be used for a political party’s gain, and they knew this. They stayed impartial for years and years, but something pushed them to have their deep ties to the Republic before the time of The Phantom Menace.

Not only did they develop ties with the government, but they also became like soldiers for them during the Clone Wars. They acted like war dogs and generals for the different clones, fighting against the Republic’s enemy, the Separatists.

7 How It Started

Jedi Temple on Coruscant

Another mystery that would be interesting to see is how the Jedi Order began. What banded the first few Jedi together, why did they decide to become an order, and how was the Jedi Code thought of? These are all ideas that would be interesting to explore, as many non-canon media have tried in the past.

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The Jedi are more like a religion than a police force, so it would be very cool to see how that all began and who was apart of the very first High Council. While this might be explored eventually, it is unlikely that fans will see it rather than briefly hear about it.

6 The Origin Of The Sith

It seems like for as long as the Jedi have existed, so have the Sith. After all, with light always comes darkness. The expanded universe has explored this birth of the Sith a few times, but since it is no longer canon, it would definitely be interesting to see in the new Star Wars media that is upcoming.

Who was the first Sith Lord, and how many apprentices did they have since Darth Bane’s Rule of Two did not exist until years later?

5 Yoda

Yoda in Attack of the Clones

Yoda lived for about 900 years, which is incredibly impressive when you compare it to the whole grand scheme of things. The Star Wars timeline most fans know about doesn’t even cover 100 years, so what did he do with the other 800 years?

How did he come to be, what is his race, and why is he so connected to the force? There are so many questions around the mystical Yoda that it seems unlikely we will ever get answers to all of them.

4 Connection To The Force


The Phantom Menace tried to explain the Jedi connection to the force by creating midichlorians. High M-Counts indicate that someone has a deeper connection to the force, which means it is more likely that they can connect to the Jedi. And while Star Wars didn’t retcon this after the massive disapproval, it feels like there needs to be more of an explanation to how the first Jedi were connected to the force.

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Surely the first batch wouldn’t have known about high M-Counts, so what did they believe and theorize connected a sentient being to the force that was all around them? How did they decide when someone was worthy to become a Jedi? If fans never see the start of it all, this is an idea that will most likely go unanswered.

3 How Were Lightsabers Invented

Another idea that will go unexplained if fans don’t see the first Jedi, lightsabers are the tools of the Jedi, but it is unknown when they were made to be such. In the new canon, Jedi use kyber crystals that they bond to, and build their own sabers around the crystal.

The color of the crystal typically has different meanings and reflect how the Jedi operate or think. It would be so interesting to see how the first Jedi made their own sabers, how they came up with the idea. In fact, how did they discover their own kyber crystals without having a guide or reference to help them?

2 Will There Be Another?

After the finale of The Rise of Skywalker, the fate of the Jedi is pretty unclear. Rey has become the last Jedi but has a deeper connection to them now than many of the former Jedi had in the past.

At the end of the movie, fans get to see her new lightsaber that she crafted before placing the Skywalker sabers in the sands of Tatooine. While her next adventure is unclear, could it be possible that she will start up a new Jedi Order to continue throughout the galaxy?

1 The First Jedi

Star wars the phantom menace jedi order high republic

Though the Jedi are deeply mysterious, and this is a question that will likely never be answered in fear of ruining the mysticism, it would be so interesting to see how the first Jedi came to be.

This character would be the first being in the galaxy to actually do something with their force sensitivity and would likely be the first person to make their lightsaber. It would probably be the start to the Jedi Order and what they truly stand for. Because of them, fans would see the birth of the Jedi.

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