Dan Le Batard hires producer who was part of ESPN layoffs


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Dan Le Batard hires producer who was part of ESPN layoffs

“The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” family was hit by ESPN’s massive layoffs last week when Chris Cote, a popular producer and part of the show’s “Shipping Container,” was one of about 300 employees laid off by the network. Now Le Batard has found a way to keep Cote on the Miami Beach-based radio show.

Le Batard is hiring Cote as a personal assistant, Le Batard announced Wednesday on “The Big Suey,” the show’s digital hour.

“We have spent the last five days trying to figure out what it is that we can do with this,” Le Batard said, “and I’m actually happy to report — and this is a pretty cool thing to be able to report because some creativity was required from us in order to get here — but I’m going to hire Chris Cote as my personal assistant to fill the raise, with a raise on his present salary to fill the raise vacated by Allyson Turner.

“I will cover the raise. I will cover the entire thing.”

“Hold on, that’s amazing for Chris,” producer Mike Ryan asked, “but what does it mean for hour show?”

Le Batard replied: “It means that Chris Cote is still going to be on the show!”

Cote has been a part of The Dan Le Batard Show since 2012 and was a full-time employee with ESPN the last five years. His new role will technically make him a replacement for Turner, who was a personal assistant to Le Batard before leaving last year, and will keep Cote as a major presence on the show.

David Wilson, a Maryland native, is the Miami Herald’s utility man for sports coverage.

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