Ms. Marvel Comic Cancelled, But Kamala Khan Isn’t Going Away


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Ms. Marvel Comic Cancelled, But Kamala Khan Isn’t Going Away

Marvel recently announced that Ms. Marvel’s solo series will wrap up in January, though that likely won’t be the last fans see of her adventures.

Marvel Comics recently announced it will be ending the current run of Ms. Marvel‘s solo series with the 75th issue in the run, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18, being the last entry in the series.

While the news of her solo series ending may be disappointing to fans of the books, they can likely rest assured that this almost certainly won’t be the last readers see of the character by a long shot. Khan is currently playing a pivotal role in the current run of Champions, which sees a rift developing amongst the team of young heroes over the introduction of Kamala’s Law. This new law essentially bans young heroes from working independently, instead forcing them to register with CRADLE (Child-Hero Reconnaissance and Disruption Law Enforcement). The law was put into effect after Ms. Marvel was critically injured due to the exploits of the Champions in Outlawed #1. The institution of the law has already caused a rift amongst the team of young do-gooders not terribly dissimilar to the events of Civil War and that storyline’s institution of the  Superhuman Registration Act. Already both SHIELD and local police forces have taken drastic measures to curtail the heroes’ activities, going so far as to set up sting operations for the likes of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man and raiding the team’s headquarters, capturing many of the fledgling heroes. Khan has already been vocal in her opposing of the law, so it’s likely she’ll continue to play a major role in future issues of that series.

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The announcement of the series’ end came from an official press release from Marvel, revealing that the current run – from scribe Saladin Ahmed and artist Minkyu Jung –  will wrap up with a special oversized finale issue, which will be the 75th book in Ms. Marvel’s run, set to release in January. According to Marvel, the final book will cover “surprising developments in both her personal life and burgeoning Super Hero career. Between saving the alien planet of Saffa to fighting against the mysterious and deadly entity known as Stormranger, Kamala Khan also teamed up with new allies to defend her home of Jersey City.” 

Madnificent Ms Marvel 18 cover art

The timing of this cancellation seems somewhat conspicuous, especially considering that Ms. Marvel is one of the more prominent characters in the recent Marvel’s The Avengers video game. Add to that the fact that Marvel has recently cast Iman Vellani for a Disney+ Ms. Marvel TV series, one could easily speculate that this could just be a means of setting up a new, rebooted Ms. Marvel comic series to coincide with the release of the show. Nothing has been officially announced as of the time of this writing, but it seems like a stretch (no pun intended) that Marvel would altogether cancel her solo series while simultaneously building the character up in the mainstream public consciousness.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Kamala Khan and her fate on the shelves of comic shops’ shelves, but it seems unlikely this will be the end of Ms. Marvel’s solo adventures, especially considering the character’s growing popularity and Marvel’s obvious push to bring her more to the forefront since her 2014 introduction. Luckily, fans will only have to wait a few months to see how The Magnificent Ms. Marvel wraps up early next year and what comes next for the character. Chances are the results will be marvelous.

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