Rey’s Adventures Between Last Jedi & Rise of Skywalker Revealed


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Rey’s Adventures Between Last Jedi & Rise of Skywalker Revealed

Star Wars Adventures continues with a new series that reveals what happens in between the Star Wars films The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

From the moment Leia Organa tells Rey that the Resistance can rise again in Star Wars: The Last Jedi to the moment the Sith Wayfinder leads Kylo Ren to the planet Exegol in Stars Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, many events could have, and did, transpire. IDW Publishing explores these untold tales and more in the latest iteration of Star Wars Adventures

Believe it or not, the scene in the final installment of the Skywalker saga where Rey is seen utilizing the Force to levitate herself as rocks of various sizes encircle her was not the first time the former scavenger trained without her late master Luke Skywalker. And Leia wasn’t always there to train her as she does in the film. Star Wars Adventures reveals that R2-D2 actually facilitates her training after Luke’s passing and even went so far as to design the obstacle courses she would undergo (basing the layout on Luke’s teachings, of course).  

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Poe Dameron and Finn also have a hand in Rey’s quest to become a Jedi so she can finally join them on missions. But rather than having Rey train on a familiar planet with the added protection of Resistance soldiers, Poe and Finn decide to take her to a far remote planet (which proves to be a mistake later on). The duo also construct the obstacle course without her knowing as she stays on the Millennium Falcon, and Rey immediately jumps at the chance to test out R2-D2’s creation upon their arrival.

Apparently, Artoo studied Luke’s methods quite well, because one obstacle in particular bests the Jedi-in-training, though BB-8 is able to maneuver the course with relative ease (thanks to the droid having cables, which Rey is quick to note she lacks). But failing a difficult obstacle is the least of her worries. For it turns out her infamy as an enemy of the First Order extends into the far reaches of the galaxy, a complication that immediately changes the nature of R2-D2’s course from optional to mandatory – that is, if she wants to save the lives of her friends. Of course, fans know how the story is going to play out – there isn’t much chance of Rey, Poe, or Finn dying between movies that have already been released – but it’s entertaining and enlightening to see this part of the team’s journey.

Another fascinating angle on a foregone conclusion comes at the end of the premier issue. Just like the original series, each issue of Star Wars Adventures features two separate adventures. This debut includes a retelling of the Battle of Hoth as originally portrayed in The Empire Strikes Back, though from a different point of view. The invasion of the short-lived second Rebel base is now told from the perspective of the Sith Lord known as Darth Vader. Some scenes in this reiteration are therefore completely new while others are familiar yet different. For example, the issue features the scene from the movie where the Rebels hear the fateful announcement that Imperials troops have entered the base before the transmission is cut off. Now readers can actually see the soldier who yells these words into his speaker as the Sith Lord uses the Force to tear down the walls of the base.

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