The Best Part Of Their Comic Team-Ups


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The Best Part Of Their Comic Team-Ups

Doctor Strange will be featured in the third MCU Spider-Man movie, and there are lots of comic stories that confirm how great the duo can be.

It’s recently been revealed that Doctor Strange will feature in the next Spider-Man film, and Marvel fans are ecstatic. The dynamic that has already been seen in prior MCU films between the two heroes is amazing, taking a lot of influence from the comics. In Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange has actually worked with Spider-Man many times, and their team-ups are great at least in part because they usually end with Spider-Man having no idea what just happened, where they went, or who they just fought.

It was in 1965’s Spider-Man Annual #2 that the pair had their first official team-up, fighting the evil Xandu who was trying to wield the powerful Wand of Watoomb. Spider-Man only got involved because he followed some muggers who were under the influence Xandu, ending up getting transported to another dimension for his trouble. Eventually, Strange recovered from Xandu’s assault, and the pair worked together to take down their mutual enemy. When the dust settled, Doctor Strange promises Spider-Man that he can always count on him as a friend and ally.

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The Webslinger and the Master of the Mystic Arts would go on to team-up several more times in the Marvel Comics timeline, and their adventures more often than not featured the same classic formula: Spider-Man comes across some sort of supernatural threat that he can’t understand or get a hold of on his own, so he calls on Doctor Strange for some magical backup. Either that or Doctor Strange is already on the scene or on his way, and Spider-Man offers his assistance as best he can. This happens often in the Marvel Universe, as both heroes are based in New York, and all Spider-Man has to do is visit Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village.

Doctor Strange Spider-Man team up

The best thing about their adventures is always the polarized perspectives and skillsets Peter and Strange have when facing threats of the mystical variety. Doctor Strange is experienced and knowledgeable, having trained for years to become the Sorcerer Supreme. Spider-Man on the other hand… is not. His fish out of water viewpoint of all things magical is incredibly entertaining, as he still gives it his best shot to help his friend save the day. What makes this even funnier is that in their more recent team-ups, Spider-Man has resigned himself to the fact that he’s just never going to know what’s happening – he’s not even going to know what’s possible.

Over the years, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man have become great friends and allies, and Strange has done some pretty incredible things to honor all the times Spider-Man has helped him protect the world. In Amazing Spider-Man #500, from writer J. Michael Straczynski, Strange offered some incredible assistance and guidance to a discouraged Peter Parker, who was struggling with his choice to become Spider-Man. Strange helped him keep going, and even gave him a gift: five additional minutes to spend with his late Uncle Ben. Not only that, but after Marvel’s first Civil War event saw Spider-Man unmasked in front of the entire world, Strange helped wipe the collective memory of this event and effectively undo the reveal of Spider-Man’s secret identity when it proved to be too dangerous. All in all, Spider-Man’s relationship with Doctor Strange has proven to be one of the strongest Peter has with other heroes in the Marvel Comics Universe, and fans should be really excited to see that same relationship develop in the MCU.

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