The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 2 – 6, 2020


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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 2 – 6, 2020

In’s newest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday November 2 to Friday November 6, Zoe gets an unexpected visitor who stirs things up at work, Liam is set off where Thomas is concerned, and Quinn’s at odds with her best friend, Shauna.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday October 30:

Hope has been carefully navigating her complicated relationship with Thomas for weeks. After all, the two of them are co-parenting Douglas and working for the same company. But is the struggle of balancing the intricacies of their situation become tough on her?

Quinn did a whole lotta damage — including to her own marriage — by scheming with Shauna. Being something of a softy, it’s easy to imagine Eric opening his heart and forgiving his estranged wife. But when she asks that he and his son do exactly that, Ridge makes it clear exactly how he feels. Will Ridge’s no-holds-barred approach influence his father?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of November 2:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday November 2:

Apparently, Quinn and Shauna think BFF stands for “best friends fighting,” because that’s what’s happening between them. After Eric rejects his wife, Quinn points an accusatory finger at Shauna.

How will the unexpected arrival of Zoe’s sister, Paris Buckingham, shake things up at Forrester Creations?

Bridget Forrester surfaces when Ashley Jones returns to Bold & Beautiful.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday November 3:

When Shauna needs a knight in shining armor, Eric comes to her defense. She’s incredibly touched by his gesture, leaving us to wonder if perhaps Eric is heading for a romance with another of his son’s former girlfriends! Meanwhile, Quinn continues to fume about recent events. When she turns to Flo for answers about her mother, is she gathering ammunition to use against her former friend?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday November 4:

Zoe who? That’s what Zende may be left asking when he spends some time with Paris and sparks start flying! (Cue Zoe feeling jealous in 3… 2… )

Liam may have had serious issues with Steffy’s new relationship, but he and Finn actually manage to bond today. Over what? Their mutual distrust of her brother, Thomas!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday November 5:

As predicted, upon finding out about Paris and Zende’s recent bonding, Zoe immediately suggests her sister avoid getting caught up with the sexy young designer. (Something tells us Paris is about as likely to take that advice as Thomas is to stop obsessing over Hope!)

Fresh off his conversation with Finn, Liam sets out to make sure that Thomas stays far, far away from Hope. Things are about to get very interesting…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday November 6:

Steffy and Hope have an honest conversation about the amount of time that Liam is spending with Kelly. Meanwhile, Liam’s mission to keep Thomas away from Hope takes a downright shocking turn when he bursts into his would-be rival’s apartment. Is Liam about to come face-to-plastic-face with Thomas’ new… er… roommate?

– Richard Simms/Candace Young

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